When we talk about the important structures and aspects of your home the roof comes at the top! The roof of your house gives you protection and security. It is an important part of your lighting. Roof Repair, Roofing Contractor, Roofing Services. If you do not have a properly and completely installed roof then your house will be considered an incomplete one. Your house will fail to operate in a proper way if it will devoid a proper roof on it. It has been a decade that we City Wide Construction is serving the residents of New York Metro and also Nassau county residents. in this roofing trade, we come up and offer the top most quality of craftsmanship. Our roofing services can give your protection and comfort at the same time. Our skilled professionals and trained team know how to get their job done with perfection.

We, City Wide Construction are one of the trusted and reliable roofing and construction companies so far. We give unbeatable and exceptional roofing services to our clients. If you want to have a new roof for your home, if you want to repair it or have an inspection of it then call City Wide Construction.

We have licensed and professional team members in our firm that can give an appropriate and suitable solution for your roofing problems. We will right away diagnose and identify your roofing problem and hand over you the solution of it!

Just give a call to our roofers and they will install the best quality roof in your new home. Our installed new roof will be free from leakage problems. Our expert’s roofers will install your roof with perfection. We will listen to your requirements and needs. We know that what are you looking for, that is why our expert’s roofers are here to help you! We offer flat roofs, steel roofs.

Your roof needs a repairing on a regular basis. At times, your roofs started facing leakage problems. These leaks can ruin the entire look of your roof. Our professional roofers can well repair these big and small leaks of your roofs. First, we will carry out the inspection of your roof and make an assessment that how much your roof is damaged! When cold weather conditions come, when extreme kind of hot weather conditions comes then it is your roof that deteriorates a lot. On a regular basis, you should carry out its inspection. Our roof experts from City Wide Construction will carry out a detail inspection of your roof. Do not ever and ever neglect this roof inspection because, in the long run, you might have to face some minor and major issues. Roof Repair, Roofing Contractor, Roofing Services. If you have not replaced your roof since the time of 20 years then it is the time for its replacement! If you are getting higher and massive energy bills then it is because of this older roof. An older roof faces leaks problems all the time. An older roof can too rot and damage your floor beds. You should be addressing all of these issues. We, City Wide Construction are expert in roof replacement. Our offers roof types are wide in number. We offer and create flat roofing, 4 ply roofing, and hot roofs as well. We create structures for cold roofs and rubberized roofing.If some new construction or roofing project is in the pipeline then you should give us a call. Our roofing experts will come at your door step. We work for the commercial scales as well for the residential scales. You will see best quality workmanship in our services. We add the factor of sustainability in your roofs. We make sure that we come up with the expectations of our customers. Roof Repair, Roofing Contractor, Roofing Services.

If you notice that your roofs are facing leaks, if it is facing shrinkage and blow offs issues then you have to give us a call. We will sort out these roofing issues of yours. We will give you honest suggestions that whether your roof needs a repairing or whether it needs a replacement.

We, City Wide Construction work 24 hours a day and 7 days in a week. We are committed to giving quality service. Our diverse and best quality roofing materials will fulfill your building needs. Give us a call. We will give you the best roof for your home.