Masonry Contractors in Brooklyn NY

Masonry Contractors in Wood heaven Queens NY  While driveways, patios, Floors and other flatwork remain the most popular concrete installations. Concrete staining and other decorative concrete projects have come into their own.

Therefore, thinking about sprucing up your backyard with a new patio? Need your sidewalk or driveway redone? Then needing a proven concrete contractor who will get the job done right the first time. Let City Wide Construction help you, with experienced concrete experts for your next project. Whether it’s repairing a concrete stair or a full-blown foundation install.

Masonry Contractors in Wood heaven Queens NY

Why Choose City Wide Construction?

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Masonry Contractors in Wood heaven Queens NY. City Wide has been doing all phases of concrete work for over 18 years. The experience and know how’s surpassed the many expectations. Knowledgeable in entertaining a wide variety of choices to their customers to suit their desired looks they want. Honest in their opinions to advise customers the very best and versatile solution for their home or office. The company’s completed work almost always surpasses their customer’s expectations. This is just a few pointers as to why you should choose City Wide Construction for all your masonry needs. Masonry Contractors in Brooklyn NY,  Masonry Construction Company in Brooklyn NY

Experienced in ALL phases of masonry concrete; driveways, sidewalks, stoops, retaining walls, brick veneer, brick fencing, porches, patios, walkways, garages, sheds, brick planters, chimneys, foundations, brick pointing, brick, block, pre-cast stones, regular stones, thin stones, thin-bricks, and any brick, block, masonry concrete projects.

Masonry Contractors in Brooklyn NY, Masonry Construction Company in Brooklyn NY.

City Wide inexperienced in DOT Sidewalk Removals, so if ever there is a need to call an experienced company that will deal with all the headaches for you and be getting the job done correctly. Then you should give City Wide a call, they will handle it all. Free Estimates with 24/7 Emergency Contact Available.To Contact City Wide Construction CALL —- 718-502-5050 —–


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