City Wide Construction will tell you that which roofing material will be best for your home! We suggest you to use wood shake and asphalt shingles roofing materials. You should keep in mind that a roofing material has always been an important consideration and aspect that gives an extra style and look to your home.

  • We, City Wide Construction offers all main types of siding that includes Aluminum and fiber cement as well as wood, vinyl. We recommend the use of Vinyl siding material because it is available in a large number of designs and too color options. This siding material has a life of 50 years and insects are also not attracted to this type of siding.
  • We also install Wood siding because it looks beautiful. You can have wood siding in many types like in cypress wood, cedar wood, and red wood. Wood siding can well withstand moisture. It is too long lasting. We install and induct aluminum siding because it is fireproof and
  • You can try out our metal roofing and services of repairing roofs. We carry out roof inspections, also create flat roofings. Your roof should look an appealing one. We not only design and create stylish looking roofs but also construct them in such way that they secure and protect you for a longer time.
  • Your roofs should carry both of the elements of beauty and protection. It should look graceful in your home and should work as a protector. You can check out wide in number roofing designs and side ideas here.

We, City Wide Construction promise to give you our best services. Your roof will look spectacular if you will give us a call. Your siding will look amazing if you will enjoy our services. We are just a call away from you. Give us a ring. We are here to serve you and your home.