• Out Door Kitchens and Pavers

    OutDoor Kitchens and Pavers

    City Wide Construction is the best company you can hire for all your home exterior and interior needs. Masonry is one of their best many services offered. A company with outstanding workmanship and professionalism. Here they have built an outdoor kitchen with the stylish design desired by most homeowners. A well built kitchen, built for many years of outdoor entertaining. Having City Wide Construction by your side for all your home renovation needs is simply having the best of the best doing the work for you.

  • Stucco, Brick and Pavers_4

    Stucco, Brick, Pavers

    Renovations done by City Wide Construction is work done to complete satisfaction. Licensed and Insured with over a decade of experience in all phases of construction, City Wide Construction is very skilled, dedicated and highly professional on all their jobs performed.

    Here City Wide Construction completed another project of stucco on the second floor, installation of brick on the first floor, new roof installation with gutters and gutter leaders. Pavers was done at the front and back of this home located in Queens.

  • Pavers, Water Fall_3

    Pavers, Water Fall

    With a company as City Wide Construction performing on your home projects. Interior or exterior, City Wide Construction does it all with the knowledge and expertise to get the job done right. Like this project, again it shows just how phenomenal of a job they do. The installation of pavers surrounding the pool and backyard area of this home, the installation of the pool and waterfall is breath taking and lives up to the promise of City Wide Construction, built to last.

  • Brick Precast Stone Veneer_2

    Brick, Precast Stone Veneer

  • Brick_Precast_ Stone_Veneer_2

    Brick, Precast Stone Veneer and Fencing

    City Wide Construction priding it’s company’s name with the skilled workmanship it performs on all the company completed jobs. Exterior masonry work is just one of the company’s best performance categories in both residential and commercial renovations. As pictured this completed project of brick, precast stone veneer and fence work is proof to the skilled performance of trained workmanship of City Wide Construction and their craftsmen. Removal of siding from the home after hurricane Sandy damaged this home. New foundation was laid, plywood installed with additional 2x4, waterproofing was done then brick veneer installed, surrounding the home with precast stone and brick. Installed pavers in front and back of home. Installed 6 feet and 3 feet brick fencing surrounding home. Sidewalk redone with new cement and pavers on both sides of this beautiful corner home. Engineer and Architect acquiring appropriate blue prints and permits required.