Sidewalk Contractors in Queens

Sidewalk Contractors in Queens

 Sidewalk and driveway  Contractors In Brooklyn, Queens

New York City law requires property owners at their own cost to install, repair and maintain sidewalks adjacent to their properties in accordance to DOT specifications. DOT inspects sidewalks throughout the city to ensure that they are safe. Sidewalk Contractors in Queens.

 Sidewalk and driveway  Contractors In Brooklyn, QueensA sidewalk violation is an official notice issued by DOT stating that your sidewalk is defective. Address the violation immediately, because a violation can complicate selling or refinancing your property. Some sidewalk violations include; trip hazards, collapsed sidewalks, tree roots, improper slopes and patchwork to name a few.

What to do when I receive a DOT Sidewalk Violation?

 When a property owner receives a DOT violation they have 45 days to make the appropriate corrections. Especially important to contact a licensed and insured DOT Sidewalk Removal Contractor to take care of the corrections needed. Rather doing it yourself that can potentially create a problem if not done correctly, in accordance to DOT specifications. Trip hazards, collapsed sidewalks, tree roots that is lifting the sidewalk, improper slopes and self made patchwork. These infractions will be easily addressed by the  licensed and qualified contractor.

DOT Sidewalk Violation Remove

Thus is why it is critical to call City Wide Construction to take on the job of relieving you of all the headaches associated with DOT violations. The company handles the job whether residential or commercial in the most accurate, professional and cost efficient way. A property owner has enough to worry about. So do not let the stress of receiving a DOT violation add to it.

 Allow the professionals at City Wide Construction who has excellent ratings take care of it. City Wide Construction services Queens, Brooklyn, Staten Island and Nassau County Long Island. The company’s years of experience and expertise are outstanding, with over 18 years of experience they have all the know how’s in getting the job done right the first time around.

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DOT Sidewalk Violation Removal Contractors In Brooklyn?

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Sidewalk Contractors in Queens